Boarding School: Hostel Accommodation


Senior Hostel Masters: Mr. G.B. Aroshana Silva
Food Matron: Miss. S.A. Balasundaram
Sickroom Matron: Mrs. R.M. Udayamala & Miss. B.M.M. Dissanayake

The Edirisinghe Dormitory located on top of a hillThe Edirisinghe Dormitory located on top of a hillThe hostel has been reorganized to meet essential requirements to facilitate Boarders so that they do not feel being away from home. The boarding is a very essential need as students from all parts of the island educate themselves in this Institution. The school hostel, with its rules, may make some students to feel tied up. Yet, there are parents who value the discipline of their children in the boarding.

Senior Hostel Master: Mr. G.B. Aroshana Silva

Students of the Boarders Association are given the opportunity to organize and take part in inter-dorm activities and competitions in which they are made to realize the importance of participation and improving their organizing skills. One of the activities the Boarders Association organizes is the Inter-Dorm Sports activities which identify talented sportsmen in the hostel to represent their respective Houses and the College.

Education being the most important aspect, the College organizes extra classes after school, where the Boarders are supported with their school work and to develop their academic skills.

Being a hostel, catering for all religions, the College provides transport facilities for the Boarders to go to religious places of worship under the supervision of hostel masters and matrons during the weekend to enrich their spirituality.

Entertainment facilities are provided for the Boarders such as weekend movies and television sets being provided for each dormitory where they enjoy themselves while staying in the hostel.

Boarders’ Night is an event the Boarders eagerly await for to enjoy themselves on the last day of the year before vacating the dormitories for the long holiday.

Hostel StaffHostel Staff  
Boarders are housed in seven independent dormitories according to their ages and classes.

            Grades I-II     BLANCHARD DORMITORY
            Grades III-IV     COREA DORMITORY
            Grades IV-VII     WIJEWRDENE DORMITORY
            Grades VIII     KEBLE DORMITORY
            Grades IX-X     EDIRISINGHE DORMITORY
            Grades X-XI     PEIRIS DORMITORY


Support StaffSupport Staff