New Admissions and Age Rules

Admissions are normally made only at the grade I level to Sinhala and Tamil Streams.  Casual vacancies in other classes may be filled provided those seeking admission satisfy the age rules and conform to our standards of work in each class.

Applications for admission to Grade I should be made in June on forms available at the College Office. An admission test to grade I based on the rudiments of language and numbers will be held in August. The test is usually competitive and selective and admissions are made entirely at the direction of the Headmaster.

Those seeking admission should conform to the following age rules.
Grade I     Age 5+ as at January 31st
Grade II     Age 6+
Grade III     Age 7+
Grade IV     Age 8+
Grade V     Age 9+
Grade VI     Age 10+
Grade VII     Age 11+
Grade VIII     Age 12+

Withdrawals and Transfers

Whenever a boy is to be withdrawn, one calendar months notice must be given. The Parent while giving notice of withdrawal should indicate that all fees up to the date of leaving have been paid. The pupil will have to get an application form for a leaving certificate duly signed.