College Cadet Platoon and Bands

Teacher-in-charge: Major M.A.A. Chandima

The Senior Cadet Platoon of the College participated in many one day camps and the Battalion Assessment Camp at the 6th National Cadet Corps and was selected to the Provincial Assessment Camp and participated in the above camp at the NCC Training Centre at Rantambe. The platoon sergeant is Steve Gomes.

Teacher-in-charge: Major M.A.A. Chandima

The Cadet Band performed in the College functions such as the, Sports Meet, Morning Assembly. Due to various unavoidable reasons the Cadets could not participate in the annual assessment camp at Rantambe. Sergeant S.D. John was promoted to rank of Company Sergeant Major (CSM)

Teacher-in-charge: Miss. Mihirani Rebecca

The Junior Band conducts its training sessions every Tuesday from
2.00 pm to 4.30 pm. In addition to practices every weekday at 7.00 am with the participation of a Squad of 25 students.

We provide music at various College events. The latest being the Advanced Level English Camp.

Teacher-in-charge: Miss. Sumithra Madurangani

The Primary Western Bank started in the year 2019 for the first time in the history of the College. Initially, there were 25 members with two accordions, two tenor drums, four side drums, a base drum, melodicas and triangles. Two accordions were added in 2022.

The Band performed in the following functions.

Welcoming the Chief Guest at the opening of the New Corea Block and the Band Display at the Primary Sports Meet.

After the Covid-19 pandemic the band recommenced effectively in October 2022 to welcome the Chief Guest for the Annual Teacher’s Day Programme.

It is expected to have two groups as “A” and “B” at the aim of giving more opportunities to many students as possible as more and more students show interest in joining the band.

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Sarath Rajapaksha

Formed an oriental orchestra with the students from Grade 6-11

Trained and guided the students who took part in the Zonal Provincial Level Oriental Music Competition and won the following places.

Zonal 4 first places
Provincial 2 second places and 2 third places.

Performed and contributed with music for the Teachers Day Programme and also for the Children’s Day.

Train musicians and singers to perform at the morning assemblies.

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Thilak Jayasiri
Coach: Mr. Hashan Madushanka

The Oriental Band started in the year 2022 under the guidance of Mr. Hashan Madushanka and supervision of Mr. Thilak Jayasiri. The oriental band started their first practice on the 5th of August 2022 with thirty five hostel students. Since the oriental band did not have any instruments the school Western Band and Dancing Troupe provided a few instruments for practices. Mr. Thilak Jayasiri helped the band to get all the required instruments. Due to lack of practices Mr. Hashan Madushanka was able to train the oriental band for the Caboree Camp which was held on the 16th of September. The Band welcomed the Chief Guests of the programme and played the College Song and the National Anthem. This can be mentioned as the first event of the oriental band of the College. The band is being trained day by day with practices to achieve its main goal.

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Dinesh Tennakoon

The College oriental dancing troupe has contributed by playing the traditional “Magul bera” at various significant functions held at the College.

A “Ves Mangallaya” ceremony was held and 18 students were ritually graduated.

This year the Dancing room was renovated and upgraded.

Many students who participated in the Divisional, Zonal and Provincial Level Competitions have performed remarkable well.

The students who sat for the G.C.E. (O/L) have achieved 100% passes.


Senior Cadet PlatoonSenior Cadet Platoon


Junior Cadet PlatoonJunior Cadet Platoon

Cadet BandCadet Band

History of the College Band

1978 - The beginning of the College Western Band

1997 - Up to 1997, the band was a college band

1998 - Registered as a Cadet Band in the National Cadet Corps
The first 3 band cadets of our college:

  • W.C. Rathnayake
  • R.V.S. Amarasekara
  • G.V. Joseph


1998 - Attended first Band Camp and was placed 12th
Sergeant W.C.Rathnayake

1999 - Attended first Band Camp and placed 14th
Sergeant S.B. Bamunuarachchi

2000 - Sergeant W.Wijekoon

2001 - Attended first Band Camp and placed 11th
Sergeant G.V.Joseph

2002 - Attended first Band Camp and placed 13th

2003 - Attended first Band Camp and placed 16th

2004 - Attended first Band Camp and placed 13th

2005 - Attended first Band Camp and placed 10th

2006 - Attended first Band Camp and placed 13th

Badulla District Band Competition 2006 Champions

2006 All Island Best Band Master: Mr. G.V.Joseph

Platoon Officers from 1998 – 2006

The main person to commence the Cadet band was 2/Lt Denzil Darling.

1999 2/Lt T.D.Darling

2/Lt U.P.Navarathna

2/Lt R.M.G.Bandara

2/Lt T.D.Darling

2/Lt TA.Chandima

P/O Mr. G.V. Joseph 2006-2011