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Teacher-in-charge: Mr. S. Dason

During the year in review the Student Christian Movement assisted together with the Buddhist Student Association helped in distributing essential items to an under privileged school.

Unfortunately not many events were organized during 2019 due to the situation which prevailed in the country. One of the major setbacks was also the Easter Carol Service which had to be postponed.

One of the main highlights was the Service of Nine Lessons and Carols which the Student Christian Movement assisted in organizing together with the College. The Student Christian Movement wishes to thank the Buddhist Student Association of the College for coming forward in decorating the Christmas tree for this special service.


Teacher-in-charge: Mrs. Chandra David

SCM Youtube ChannelSCM Youtube ChannelThe SCM/College choir continues to be an active body in our College currently having around 60 choristers. It’s a blessing to commence each year with our first contribution towards the Founder’s Day Service in January.

After a long wait we were finally happy to have a voice training workshop for our choristers conducted by Mr. Sanchitha Wickremesooriya the choir master of S. Thomas’ Preparatory School, Colpetty.

Our choir leader was fortunate to be part of the choir leader’s project which was a joint venture by the four Thomian Colleges in publishing a Christmas video song on youtube, coordinated by Mr. Wickremesooriya.

Being an important wing of the Student Christian Movement, our primary aim is to honour our Maker and Creator with our vocals. The Easter Musical Worship helps us to serve this purpose. Practices were held throughout the first term but it was decided not to hold the programme in May after the sad incidence that shook our nation in April 2019.

Choristers also gave vocal accompaniment at the Annual Prize Giving of the College.

Choristers looked forward eagerly to the Service of Nine Lessons and Carols which continues to be an important event in the College calendar. With hard work and dedication by both the choristers and the choir trainers, we were able to bring out our best. Music backup for most carols were also given by some musically gifted choristers. This year too we had a handful of choristers from Grade 11 who took part in the Carol Service in spite of their Ordinary Level Examination the very next day.

It is heartening to note that more students from other faiths too have enrolled themselves in the choir who show much enthusiasm and dedication.

Heartfelt thanks goes out to Miss. Rebecca Mihirani our music accompanist for her hard work and dedication. Other vocal trainers include Miss. Jennifer Jebathurai, Miss. Sumithra Madurangani and Mrs. Taniya Raymond.

We continue to seek God’s guidance to instill Christian attitudes and values in our students through worshiping Him.


Teacher-in-charge:  Mr. A.J.M.U.S. Bandara

The Buddhist Students’ Association of the College organized a religious programme during the second term which was held to mark the season of Vesak. Unfortunately due to the prevailing situation of the country the usual programme could not be held.

Once again the annual “Negam Yaama” programme was held where the association one again successfully collected stationary and essential items for an under privileged school in Welimada. This year the students provided these donations to Haangili Vidyalaya and Kiri Oruwa Vidyalaya.

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. N. Subramaniam

The Hindu Cultural Society of our College implements many productive projects annually.

Respectively, as the special activities for the year 2019 conducting daily morning assembly and the Vivekananda Examination held on the 7th of November 2019 were successfully completed this year.

Further, the Vani Vizha celebration which is usually held annually in the College was not held this year as to respect and mourn for the victims who were badly affected by the Easter Bomb attack which took place in April 2019.

Moreover, with the thought of building a good relationship with the schools nearby, our society donated approximately 900 books throught he “Uravul Karangal” project to Nayabedde No. 02, T.V. for them to open up a library in their school.


Teacher-in-charge: Mrs. F.F. Fahma   

The Islamic Society functions as a unit which promotes Islamic cultural values. The morning prayers are conducted with the guidance of the religion teachers by various classes with recitation of the Holy Quran. Students deliver speeches relevant to Islamic values and teachings.

Apart from these Islamic students are taken to the Bandarawela Mosque on Fridays every fortnight to take part in Jummah prayers. In addition they also help other societies and various clubs on special occasions.



English: Mrs. R. Kavitha
Sinhala: Mr. R.M.T. Jayasiri & Mrs. P.H.Y.N. Gunaratne  
Tamil: Mr. G. Praba

Annual General Meeting of the Associations was held as usual.

Students did remarkably well as follows

At the All Island Open Carnatic Music Competition – Students of Grade 6 – 11 won the Second Place.

12 Students won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the Provincial Level English Language Competitions in Creative writing, Recitation, Dictation and Oratory Prepared Competitions.

Students participated in the National Level English Language Competition and won one 2nd place and two 3rd places in Creative Writing and Dictation.

14 students of the Sinhala and 16 students from the Tamil Medium from Grade 6 to 11 participated in the Zonal Social Science do you know contest and obtained certificates.

Chanith De Silva was placed 6th at the All Island social science competition 2019 under the Grade 12/13 category.
The most significant event of the year was the launching of the first ever Sinhala Newspaper consisting of articles written both by the teachers and the students of all the grades. The Chief Guest of this event was the Zonal Director of Education Mr. Ariyadasa Rathnayake.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. B.P Weerakoon

As an initiator of countless events, S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela is proud to be the very first school in the Uva Province to have a Gavel Club. Gavel Club, a society created for students by the Toastmasters International mainly focuses on developing public speaking skills. The club was established in 2016 and with the immense support given by the Old Boy’s Association of
S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela as well as with the help of a fraternity of distinguished Toastmasters.

The aim of the club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which each individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills. It also gives members the opportunity to practice Toastmaster skills.

Students participated in the Junior Speech Master Contest held at Dharmaraja College, Kandy organized by the Gavel Club of University of Jayawardanapua. Students also participated in the workshop targeting the school community to enhance and develop the public speaking skills held at ACBT Kandy.

The club has become a cynosure which helps to seed self-confidence and personal growth of the students to transform them into better individuals and enjoy a friendly learning environment.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. H.D.D. Chathuranga

The Mathematical society of the College was inaugurated with the sole aim of creating an interest among the students at a very young age. Although the society consists of the Senior students they take pride in organizing activities related to Mathematics among the Junior students.

A workshop was held for the Grade 12/13 students with the participation of the Moratuwa University students. This workshop was held during the 3rd term.

The society also took pride in distributing books to the libraries of two rural schools in Monaragala. The society also joined hands with the Commerce Foundation in organizing the “Felicita” programme which appreciated the students who had performed well at the Advanced Level Examination in 2018.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. W.M.C. Weerakoon

The Commerce Foundation of the College takes pride in promoting activities among the senior students of the College to guide them in the field of Commerce. Apart from these leadership programme and seminars too are held to which neighbouring schools too are invited.

Apart from this project a felicitation programme “Felicita 2019” was held in the College to felicitate students who received best results in the Advanced Level Examination in 2018.


Teacher-in-charge: Mrs. S.M.A. Sudharma (Sinhala Stream)
                                Mrs. S. Sasikalathevy (Tamil Stream)

The Junior Science Society of the College provides an opportunity for students to develop their practical knowledge related to their science syllabi. Practical activities and teamwork has made the exhibition, a very successful event.

It is a platform for the Thomians to explore new scientific technical aspects and for them to explore the environment and to be a part of protecting the environment.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. R.M.S. Wijithananda, Mr. K.A.P.Rajapaksha  
                    & Mr. N.G.N.J.C. Narangoda

The College IT Club has accomplished a lot in terms of practical utilization of outdoor video grapy skill. It has proven to be a club without which the college media would not be possible. One such event is the Uva Thomian Cricket Encounter and specially the mobile application invented by the students of the IT club which paved the way for any cricket lover or fan to be updated with our live coverage simply by clicking a button on their mobile phones no matter where they are in the world. Moreover, providing IT solutions for all college functions, workshops and special events held both at college and outside of college in collaboration with the Photography unit of the IT club.

Our members have participated in many IT related contests conducted by various Governmental and Non-governmental organizations.

A team of students from the College took part in SLIIT-CODEFEST 2019 under the School Category and the Seniors were placed 2nd Runners up with a cash prize of Rs. 40,000/-

The 2nd Runners up winners were Nushan Kodikara and Tharusha Dewmina. The Merit Award winners were Nadeen Udantha and Ashen Shaminda.

Over 1000 students and over 300 schools participated at this event.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. J.K.C.J.P. Manchanayake

The Photography Club, one of the latest inclusions among the many clubs and societies of the College takes pride in the introduction and organizing of various activities in the College. Students who have a keen eye and who are interested are encouraged to join the club. This club is open to all students from Grade 8 onwards and the lessons are conducted with a touch of artistry.  Sessions in this field are introduced from the very beginning where theory and later on practical assignments are provided.

Students take part in regular sessions and have also to take part in a practical test to which a certificate is provided. During these sessions, the fine art of photography, its history and editing is included. As a result, they have the opportunity to take part on a field trip to Lipton Seat to further enhance their skills. Students hope to hold an exhibition in the near future to showcase their talents in the field of photography. One of the setbacks students face is the high cost of cameras and equipment.

Students are also given the opportunity to cover some of the major events in the College to further enhance their knowledge. At the end of the lessons, students are provided with an examination, to which they are awarded certificates.


Teacher-in-charge: Mrs. P.H.Y.N. Gunaratne & Mrs. S. Gnananesan

The Environmental Circle provided meals to the to the Ascension Elder’s Home that belongs to the Church of the Ascension which continued for the sixth consecutive year to mark the Founder’s Day on January 20th.

The students attached to the circle also conducted a Dengue Awareness Programme and also helped in cleaning the school premises.

One of the main highlights was the planting of herbal plants at the Apkesha Hosptial in Maharagama which was done according to a research conducted in eradicating cancer through Ayurveda.

The society also conducted a special programme in educating the Grade 6 students on the importance of a nutritional meal. After this programme meals were also provided to the Middle School.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. N.G.N.J.C. Narangoda & Mrs. P.L.N.D. Cooray

The year 2019 dawned kindling aspirations and expectations in the members of the Robotic Club of the College just as in any other year.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances of security issues most of our efforts were hampered.

Nevertheless the club continued its recruitment drive and was able to send a few teams to participate in annual “Robo Fest” and “X-Botics” contests organized respectively by SLIIT and the University of Ruhuna.

A group of students took part in a Robotic Challenge organized by the Uva Wellassa University.

It is with great pride we eagerly await to commence our regular Aruidino classes for the coming year.  

We wish to thank the College and the parents for the support and encouragement.


Teacher-in-charge: Mrs. P.R. Lakmali

The Kennel Club is a society formed by S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia to help domestic animals in the environment. We, S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela joined them and formed the Kennel Club in our school to help all the animals in our environment.

We do projects like sterilization of dogs and cats free of charge taking care of wounded and sick animals.

Through this sort of activities we hope to develop attitudes towards animals and the environment and to develop humane qualities like kindness, compassion and dedication for others.

During the year 2019 we took care of a few wounded animals found within and around the school premises and every vacation we joined with a sterilization programme conducted by S. Thomas’ College Mount Lavinia club. In addition to that we were able to recruit a big number of new members to expand our society.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. B.P.U.S. Pathirane

It is indeed a pleasure to note that the Media Unit which was initiated to mark the 75th Anniversary of the College has been inculcating developing and improving the oral and written skills of all the three languages over the last few years.

The unit in its daily broadcast provides knowledge and wisdom through the inspirational programmes to motivate and encourage the students.

We were able to uplift the standard of creative writing in our students to the National Level by encouraging the students to publish their articles in the National Newspaper.

The Media Unit was also able to upgrade the knowledge of the use of technical apparatus to create a Tech. Savvy among our students which is indeed a remarkable achievement.