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Teacher-in-charge: Mr. S. Dason
Fulfilling Christian values and actively taking part in activities related to building harmony among the student community is part of some of the activities the Student Christian Movement of the College takes part in.

The Easter Carol Service and the Service of Nine Lessons and Carols are two of the main attractions the Student Christian Movement help the College in organizing. The students were also instrumental in helping to collect essential items for all less privileged schools in the region along with the Buddhist Society. They also got involved in collecting food and essential items to provide relief for land slide victims during last year’s floods that hampered most parts of the island.

Apart from these, competitions related to Christianity are held.

Teacher-in-charge: Mrs. Chandra David
We have had another fruitful year as a choir. We are constantly amazed at the steady development we see in our young choristers. Their commitment to be present every Mondays for choir practices after school is very encouraging. The commitment shown by some Grade 11 choristers to continue to be part of the choir in spite of having their exams in December should be highly appreciated.

It has been a difficult task for students to balance their time between the choir and their various involvements in other college activities. However, choristers have always managed to bring out their best. The Service of Nine Lessons continues to be an annual traditional event in which carols by well-known composers are selected to keep up the professionalism of the choir. The Easter Musical Worship is yet another annual event which varies slightly in having more a contemporary song selection. It is very heartening to see young musicians taking up leadership in providing the music backup.

I am thankful to Miss. Mihirani Rebecca, Miss. Jennifer Jebathurai, Miss. Achini Mahaulpota and Mr. Roshan Jacob for assisting me in training the choir.

Teacher-in-charge:  Mr. A.J.M.U.S. Bandara
The Buddhist Students Association of the College makes every effort in developing spiritual attitudes to produce responsible citizens. Many activities and programme are organized to fulfill this aims such as:-

*    ‘Nagam Yaama’     A programme of sharing with the less fortunate (educational equipment were donated to “Kirioruwa Vidyalaya”

*    Vesak    The programme was celebrated with a spiritual     preaching by Ven. Diyatalawe Piyadassi Thero on good and bad

*    Poson Bathi Gee    The 25th Poson Bathi Gee recital was held at “Sri Pushparama Temple” Bandarawela celebrating its 25th anniversary.

*    Flood Relief    A programme was organized to provide food, clothes and educational equipment to victims.

*    “Methmal” Magazine     The “Methmal” Magazine was released for the 16th year a document which is published to improve and develop the literary skills of students.

*    Releasing Cattle    Three cows who were to be slaughtered were released and handed over to new owners.

*    ‘Guru Upahara’    The final event of the year was the felicitation of Teachers ‘Guru Upahara’ for their yeoman service and dedication provided to the students.

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. N. Subramaniam
The Hindu Cultural Society of S. Thomas’ College has completed its 30 years and the college itself has completed its 75th year in the academic year of 2017.

As per to this, our annual “Vani Vizha” programme was conducted on the 23rd of August 2017, at the Kovil Main Hall, Bandarawela at 8.30 am with the blessing of God. The annual Vani Vizha program was graced by our Chief Guest, Professor A. Ponandhi from the University of Colombo.

In order to signify the 75th year’s celebration of the college, almsgiving was offered to the audience and students, by the organization of the parents.

The Vivekananda exams organized by the Vivekananda Council was conducted successfully at the A/L Hall in November 2017.

The Hindu Cultural Society also conducts the morning prayers together with good thoughts as a daily routine at the College premises.

Teacher-in-charge:  Mrs. G.M. Raheem  
The Islamic Society has been given equal opportunities as all other religious societies in the College. The day begins by conducting a religious gathering. Students are also granted an opportunity to attend the mosque every other Friday.

The Annual Celebration of the Meelad-Un-Nabi is a special event for our children and staff. The celebration this year too was held in a grand scale on the 1st of July 2017 Mr. Mohamed Ifthikhar Aziz, Lanka Business Consortium (PVT) Ltd. and Mrs. Aziz graced the occasion as the Chief Guests.  The magazine ‘Al-Ikra’ was released with student’s creative writing. Students also took part in activities with other schools building friendship.


Teachers-in-charge: Mr. R.M.T. Jayasiri & Mrs. P.H.Y.N. Gunaratne
The Junior and Senior Literary Associations decided to work as one association and at the Annual General Meeting office bearers were appointed.

During the year in review students participated in literary and language competitions organized by the Ministry of Education and won certificates.

A reading day was organized to encourage students in the habit of reading under the able leadership of Mrs. Nishaya Gunaratne.

The Sinhala Literary Day was organized which was held on a grand scale at the Keble Memorial Hall. The Chief Guest was Dr. Chamika Hathlahawatta of the Colombo University graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. G. Praba
The Tamil Literary Association aims and provides students to appreciate the literary skills and ways of protecting the traditions of Tamil Language . Various competitions are held at class level to revive the artistic and creative skills of the students. Also the best among them will participate in the following year for the All Island Tamil Literary competitions.

The 28th Annual “Kalai Vizha” was held on the 15th of July 2017 and Prof. Rameez Abdullah the Head of the Department of Languages, Faculty of Arts & Culture South East University of Sri Lanka graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

Teacher-in-charge: Mrs. R. Kavitha
The Senior English Literary Association of S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela aims at creating a love for the language and a passion to acquire higher order skills such as creative communication through the media of prose, poetry, drama and creative writing. It also taps the innate talents of the students and provides them with a good plant form to interact with one another and hones their communication skills. It further exposes the students to the nuances of English Language and enables them to exhibit their literary fervor along with employable skills.

With the support of committed administration of our College the Annual English Day was held on 28th of January 2017 and Mrs. Kamala Wijeratne graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. She also conducted a literature workshop for all the students and teachers of the region.

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. B.P Weerakoon
As an initiator of countless events, S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela is proud to be the very first school in Uva Province to have a Gavel Club. Gavel Club, a society created for students by the Toastmasters International mainly focuses on developing public speaking skills. The club was started in 2016 under the guidance of the Headmaster, Revd. Christopher Balraj and with the immense support given by the Old Boy’s Association of S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela.

The aim of the club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which each individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills. It also gives members the opportunity to practice Toastmaster skills.

The Gavel Club has become a cynosure which helps to seed self confidence and personal growth of the students to transform them into better individuals.

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. H.D.D. Chathuranga
Mathematical Society since its inception performed remarkably well in the year 2017. Following are some of the events that the Society was involved in.

  • A new Mathematical laboratory was declared open by Dr. Udaya Jayatilake, Senior lecturer, University of Moratuwa.
  • A Maths workshop for grade 8 and 9 students was conducted by former Principal of a Government school Mr. K.L.A. Gunapala.
  • “Biking for Maths” a maths motivation seminar was held for grade 6, grade 10 & 11 and A/L science stream students.
  • A field visit to ‘Merbok ‘, ‘e-wis’ and Saltern factories.
  • “Suchaka Nenaupakara” a special programme to donate books to the Libraries of some rural schools such as Makulella M.V. and Liyangahawela Vidyalaya was organized.
  • In collaboration with the Astromatical Society of the college an “Astromatix Day” was organized and the Chief Guest for the event was Prof. R.U.Halwathura.
  • The inaugural launch of the Maths Magazine “Anshaka” took place.
  • A career Guidance programme was organized for the GCE A/L Maths students at the University of Moratuwa.

Teacher-in-charge: Mrs. S.M.A. Sudharma (Sinhala Stream)
                                Mrs. S. Sasikalathevy (Tamil Stream)

The Junior Science Society of the College provides an opportunity for students to develop their practical knowledge related to their science syllabi. Practical activities and teamwork has made the 75th anniversary exhibition, a very successful event. Many schools in the region participated in practicals conducted during the exhibition and were benefited.

It is a platform for the Thomians to explore new scientific technical aspects and for them to explore the environment and to be a part of protecting the environment.

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. R.M.S. Wijithananda, Mr. K.A.P.Rajapaksha  
                 & Mr. N.G.N.J.C. Narangoda

IT club of the college is not a single entity that operates in isolation. It plays an integral role in collaboration with all the other Clubs, Societies and Associations to provide the students a better learning experience and to bring honour to the college.

In the year, the club as usual extended its fullest support towards every function organized both within college and outside of the college. In this regard, the dedication of the students who are involved in the Photography unit of the club is praiseworthy. As a unitary body, we offered multi-media and IT solutions for all the workshops and seminars conducted in college.

We are proud to mention that our members represented college in various IT related competitions organized both by Government and Non-governmental organizations and have performed remarkably well.

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. J.K.C.J.P. Manchanayake
The photography club was instilled two years ago to encourage the students in the fines points of photography. Sessions are held on Tuesday’s after school. Although many students are encouraged in the field of photography, the high cost of equipments have deprived a number of students to follow this subject.

Sessions are held in the form of a course where the students are awarded certificates at the end of the course. They are also encouraged to take part in exhibitions where they are also introduced to Artistic Photography.

Teacher-in-charge: Mrs. P.H.Y.N. Gunaratne & Mrs. Vathsala Gnanamalar
The Environmental Circle takes pride in encouraging the students of the College to actively get involved in caring for the environment.
Among the many projects during the year in review the dengue awareness programme and the cleaning of the school premises in view of the above mentioned programme stands out. These two programmes were held during the second term while an officer attached to the Bandarawela MOH provided valuable information on how to overcome the dengue menace.

Apart from these two programmes the students actively take part in beautifying the school premises. Many such programmes are usually held during the weekends and after school sessions. A special programme was also held to educate parents and students on environmental issues during the period in review.

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. N.G.N.J.C. Narangoda
The history of the Robotics Club surpasses its inception which was in 2014. It is indeed an honour to mention the name of Mr. Anusha Chandrasekara who had inspired and guided the students to assemble the first ever “Line Following Robot” in the college. He single-handedly pioneered the project and for the first time in the college history, a team of Advance Level students participated in a Robotic Competition held in Colombo.

Since then the Robotics Club has been growing from strength to strength gaining momentum along the way. At present, its biggest asset is its ever growing memberships. There are more than 40 active members across all age groups.

The year 2017 was significant to the club and its members for various reasons.

A workshop for nearly 100 students both from our college and from the other neighbouring schools, was held at College A/L Main Hall by SLIIT. Consequently a group of 38 students along with their robots participated in two different National Level Robotics Competitions organized respectively by SLIIT and the University of Ruhuna and have  performed commendably well.