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Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Shanon Dason

During the past year the Student Christian Movement or the SCM as its popularly known in the College took part in many activities that were instrumental in the development of Christian values among the students.

To begin the year the SCM initiated a programme to provide meals and essential items to the Elders’ Home at the Church of the Ascension premises in Bandarwela. They were also engaged in organizing a 6 a side Cricket Tournament which was a huge success that helped raise funds for the SCM in their future projects. Apart from these two main projects the Grade 11 students belonging to the SCM also organized a special Sinhala and Tamil New Year Programme which included a number of activities and games that were instrumental in building religious harmony among the students.


Teacher-in-charge: Mrs. Chandra David

The College SCM Choir continues to be an active body in the Student Christian Movement constituting not only the Christians but also students from other faiths. Choristers meet for regular practices on Mondays throughout the year.

The Service of Nine Lessons which continues to be an annual traditional event brought out the voices of 60 choristers this time. The Easter Musical Worship has also become an annual event which was held in the Church of the Ascension, Bandarawela. Talented young musicians were identified and trained to provide the musical accompaniment for the Easter Musical Worship.

Our desire to have a professional voice training session for the choristers is yet to be realized and we are presently working towards it.

The choir’s achievement is due to the time and effort given by the team of choir trainers -
Mrs. Chandra David, Miss. Mihirani Rebecca, Mrs. Sharika Nawaratne, Miss. Jennifer Jebadurai, Mr. Roshan Jacob and Mrs. Nisha Seneviratne.

All glory and praise to God our Heavenly Father for giving the chorister this blessed music ministry in our College.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. A.J.M.U.S. Bandara

The Buddhist Students Association of the College plays a prominent part in building and moulding the character of the students in the path of Lord Buddha. They begin their day with meditation and prayer while a member of the staff leads them in a moment of reflection according to the teachings of Buddhism.

During the year in review the Buddhist Students Association took part in a number of activities and the main among them was the ‘Nagam Yaama’ programme to which the students contributed in stationary and essential items to Buduge Kanda Vidyalaya, Soranatota. They also organized a special religious programme ‘Dharma Deshanawa’ to help the students to overcome the challenges they face as youngsters and to overcome temptations of the society.

The ‘Poson Bathi Gee’ programme was held for the 24th consecutive year at the Bandarawela Town Hall on a grand scale. Many students displayed their talents in the form of music and dance while also the ‘Methmal’ magazine was released simultaneously. This was the 19th issue to be released.

Another unique programme of the Buddhist Students Association was the release of a cow that was to be slaughtered and handed to an owner after careful consideration. Regular updates are provided by the owners.

The final event of the year was the felicitation of Teachers ‘Guru Upahara’ for their yeoman service and dedication provided to the students. A token of appreciation was also presented to them while the programme was made enjoyable by the performance of students in the form of music, dance and drama.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. N. Subramanium

The Hindu Students’ Movement functions as a unit which promotes Hindu cultural traditions among students. Students presented themselves for the ‘Vivekananda’ Exam and took part in all programmes organized by the Bandarawela Hindu Youth Society in connection with ‘Sivarathri’ and ‘Navarathri’

The “Vani Vizha” celebration was held on the 8th of October 2016 at the Keble Memorial Hall. Mr. Lenin Madivanam, Deputy Commissioner, Educational Publication graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. The ‘Vani Vizha’ magazine ‘Anarchism’ in view of celebrating the event was published.


Teacher-in-charge: Mrs. G.M. Raheem

The Islamic Society has been given equal opportunities as all other religious societies in the College. The day begins by conducting a religious gathering. Students are also granted an opportunity to attend the mosque every other Friday.

The Annual Celebration of the Meelad-Un-Nabi is a special event for our children and staff. The celebration this year too was held in a grand scale on the 4th of June 2016 and Mr. Zameen M. Saleem General Manager, Sri Lanka Telecom and Mrs. Saleem graced the occasion as the Chief Guests. The magazine ‘Al-Ikra’ was released with student’s creative writing. Students also took part in activities with other schools building friendship.


Teacher-in-charge: Mrs. W.M.R. Weerasinghe

The Sinhala Literary Association has been contributing in a productive way to improve and develop the literary, poetry and oratory skills of the students. The College invites scholars to conduct programmes for the benefit of students. Students are presented for Provincial, District and All Island Competitions where our students performed remarkably well.


Teachers-in-charge: Mr. R.M.T. Jayasiri & Mrs. P.H.Y.N. Gunaratne

During the year in review students from Grade 6 to 11 participated in literary and language competitions organized by the Ministry of Education and won certificates.

The Sinhala Literary Day which was organized by the Sinhala Literary Association of the College was held on a grand scale at the Keble Memorial Hall. The Chief Guest was Mr. Sahan Ranwala a prominent scholar, poet and playwright.

A Sinhala Literary Competition was held by giving a question paper and selecting students for related competitions. Certificates were awarded to encourage them.


Teacher-in-charge: Mrs. N.J. Amirthanayagam

The Tamil Literary Association aims and provides students to appreciate the literary skills and ways of protecting the traditions of the Tamil Language. Various competitions are held at class level to revive the artistic and creative skills of the students. The 27th Annual ‘Kalai Vizha’ was held on the 28th of May 2016 and Her Excellency Radha Venkataraman, the Assistant High Commissioner of India in Sri Lanka graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.


Teacher-in-charge: Mrs. R. Kavitha

The Senior English Literary Association of S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela mainly aims to inspire the potentiality of sharpening their communicative skills to develop their overall personality. Being the most active language association in the College it promotes Thomian ethos, values and traditions to march forward in the fast growing materialistic world. The Annual English Day was held to inspire students to develop their creative skills, ranging from editing, organizing and even holding public drama shows. The English Day was held on the 30th of January 2016 and Dr. Romola Rasool Senior Lecturer English Language Teaching Unit, University of Kelaniya graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

In order to improve the standard of English the College has organized a programme which could present students for the University of Cambridge ESOL exams organized by the British Council.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Bertram Weerakoon

As an initiator of countless events S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela is proud to be the very first school in the Uva Province to have a Gavel Club. Gavel club is a society created for students by the Toastmasters International that mainly focuses on developing public speaking skills. The club was started in 2016 under the immense guidance and support given by the Old Boy’s Association.

The aim of the club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which each individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills. Also it gives members the opportunity to practice Toastmastership.

Thus the Gavel club has become a cynosure which helps to seed self-confidence and personal growth of the students to transform them into better individuals.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. V.G. Ananda

“Chemi-X’ an exhibition of chemistry practical’s, which was organized for the 11th year by the Chemistry Circle of S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela was held on the 16th, 17th and 18th of February in the College premises.

Mr. Luxman Galappathi, Assistant Director-Science was the Chief Guest for the event.

Students from Grade 6 to 13 presented all Chemistry practical’s integrated in their respective Science syllabus successfully. A large number of students from approximately 20 schools in the Bandarawela Zone visited the exhibition.


Teachers-in-charge: Mrs. S.M.A. Sudharma (Sinhala Stream)
Mrs. S. Sasikalathevy (Tamil Stream)

Students in Grade 6 to 8 of the Middle school are members of this society. The society meets ones a month which gives an opportunity to share their knowledge between one and another. The students very keenly perform their talents at these meetings.

“Do you know” contests, debates and various practicals were conducted for students throughout the year.

During the Chemi-X exhibition the Junior Science Society contributed in a large scale with their exhibits to make the event a success.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. R.M.S. Wijithananda & Mr. N.G.N.J.C. Narangoda

IT Club has completed yet another successful year contributing at all levels providing IT solutions for all College functions, workshops and special events held both at College and out of the College in collaboration with the photography unit of the IT Club.

Our main task was to provide photographic coverage which was done with bubbling enthusiasm.

Our members have participated in many IT related contests conducted by various Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations and have performed remarkably well achieving First places and Merit awards.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. J.K.C.J.P. Manchanayake

The Photography Club, one of the newest inclusions among the many clubs and societies of the College takes pride in the introduction and organizing of various activities in the College. Students who have a keen eye and interested are encouraged to join the club. This club is open to all students from Grade 8 onwards and the lessons are conducted with a touch of artistry. Sessions in this field are introduced from the very beginning with theory first and later practical assignments are provided. Students are also given the opportunity to cover some of the major events in the College to further enhance their knowledge. At the end of the lessons, students are provided with an examination, after which they are awarded certificates.


Teacher-in-charge: Mrs. P.H.Y.N. Gunaratne & Mrs. Vathsala Gnanamalar

Since the inception, the Environmental Circle has been able to increase its membership to approximately 175 and play a major role in beautifying the College premises and providing the students with the knowledge and expertise of protecting and caring for the environment.

The Environmental Circle provides meals once a month to the Elder’s Home that belongs to the Church of the Ascension as a step to educate the young to care for their elders. They were also instrumental in planting valuable trees in the College premises. Seminars and workshops to guide students in preserving our environment are also conducted.

The World Environmental Day was also commemorated in a grand scale by planting trees and introducing the 3 coloured garbage disposal system.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. N.G.N.J.C. Narangoda & Mr. K.A.P. Rajapakshe

The year 2016 was a remarkable year to the Robotic Club of S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela.

At the beginning of the year a group of Senior Lecturers and Robotic Technicians from SAITM visited the College and conducted a fruitful workshop with demonstrations covering all the aspects of Robotics including assembling and coding.

Two teams that consist of five members each participated in the Annual Robotics Contest organized by the faculty of Engineering of the University of Ruhuna.

During the third term two teams from the Robotic Club participated in the Annual Robotic Contest organized by the Sri Lanka Robotic Club.

It is noteworthy to mention that a new culture of Robotics is blooming in the College, paving the way for our students to enter into the field of Mechatronics confidently.