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Prefect of Games: Mr. T.D. Darling
Sports play a major part in any society as it helps to mould the individual to face the challenges of the world along with building discipline. It also helps the College gain reputation and certainly S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela can be proud of its sportsmen. Sport is able to generate citizens who are able to take responsibility and be an asset to a country.


Prefect of Games: Mr. T.D. Darling
Teacher-in-charge: Mr. K.M.P.N.B. Wijekoon

Athletic plays a prominent role in the College calendar with many students actively taking part in both track and field events. After school sessions are held regularly with the participation of these students. The College calendar begins with the Annual Inter House Sports Meet where students who excel in these events are chosen for the Circuit Meet.

Last year too we had a number of students who went up to All Island Level excelling in both the Zonal and Provincial Meet. At the All Island Meet there certainly were memorable performances by Bathila Liyanachchi and Uditha Lakshimal in the Under 13 age category at the Sri John Tarbet Junior Athletic Meet held at Embilipitiya.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. R.M.T. Jayasiri

Students usually take part in various forms of indoor games in the College while regular practices for Badminton and Table Tennis are held under the guidance of the teachers in charge.

The Indoor Games Society of the College was able to successfully organize the Indoor Games Competition during the 3rd Term of the year. Games such as Carrom, Droughts, Chess, Table Tennis and Badminton were played to which a large number of students took part under various age categories and during the final week of this competition staff matches were also held. Certificates and trophies were presented to the winners on the 7th of December 2016 at the Keble Hall with the participation of a reputed Old Boy of the College. Mr. Janaka Ratnayake, a member of the Municipal Council graced the occasion as the Chief Guest


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. W.M.I.A. Chandrasekera

Chess training programmes are conducted every Tuesdays. A large number of students participate in practice sessions.

The College Chess team took part in Zonal, District and Provincial Level Competitions and performed remarkably well in both individual and team events.

The under 9, 11, 13, 15 and 20 players were selected for the All Island School Chess Tournament.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Shanon Dason

Tennis certainly has continued to drive the imagination of some of the students at the College as they continue to strive forward to bring credit to the College.

Especially commendable is the performance of Chanith Minthaka de Silva as he continues to impress in the field of Tennis as he is currently placed in the top 5 in the Under 15 age category at All Island Level. Apart from Chanith we are impressed by some of the junior students of the College.

We take this moment in thanking the Bandarawela Tennis Club for their assistance in training our students in the sport.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. B.P. Weerakoon

The Table Tennis team participated in the Zonal Tournament held at S. Thomas’ College Bandarawela and the Under 15 team was able to become Champions while the Under 17 became Runners-up. At the All Island Tournament which was held at S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia, the Under 15 team was able to reach Quarter Finals.

We were able to obtain the service of a National Coach and the coach of Trinity College for several coaching camps. Students from Grade one onwards participated in these camps.

S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela conducted the Uva Province Open Ranking Table Tennis Championship for which teams from 15 schools participated. Savith Basnayake of S. Thomas’ College, Bandarawela became Champion in the Under 15, 18, 21 (Boys Singles) Open Men’s (Singles) Open (Mix Doubles) and Runner up in the Open Men’s (Doubles). He was elected as the Most Outstanding Player of the Tournament.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Thilak Jayasiri
Assistant: Mrs. P.L.N.D. Cooray

First and foremost I wish to inform that our badminton players did the College proud by playing in all tournaments organized by the Sri Lanka Badminton Association, Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Education and have done remarkably well.

The College team was placed “B” Division Champions in the Under 16 S.L.A. Ratnayake Memorial Tournament organized by the College. Mr. Oshara Panditharathne, Principal of Lumbini College and the President of the Sri Lanka Schools’ Badminton Association graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

The Under 15 and 19 players took part at the Zonal and District Competitions and were placed Champions.

The Under 19 team was placed Champions at Zonal and District Level at the National Sports Festival and at the Junior Nationals 6 performed remarkably well. The Under 13 “B” Division Doubles reached up to Quarter Finals.

The College has been able to conduct coaching camps in January, April and August with the assistance of a Professional Coach Mr. Mahesh Ekanayaka.

It is with great pleasure that we note that two main appointments of Vice President and Treasurer of the Sri Lanka Schools’ Badminton Association are held by our College.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. T.D. Darling

Archery is a relatively new sport to our country and although competitions are not held at school level they are held at Junior and National Levels where some of our students have brought credit to our Alma Mater. We are also proud to announce that some of our students have also performed at International Level bringing credit to the island. Some of our most notable performances are as follows:-

Ravien Dalpatadu – Indoor Archery Youth World Cup held in Bangkok – Bronze Medal.
Pasindu Pansilu, Senura Medagoda and Oshada Shohal have also performed creditably at National Level bringing credit to the College.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. T.D. Darling

This too is a relatively new sport to the school set up with some of our students attending regular practices. Although not many competitions were organized during the year in review our students performed admirably in the events. They participated while also being ranked as ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’ respectively. The performance of young Uzman Jiffry must also be mentioned as he attained the ‘A’ Grade Mark and brought Credit to the College through his performance.


Teachers-in-charge: Mr. G. Praba - (Under 15 and 17)
Mr. T.D. Darling – (Under 19)

Football could be considered as the second most popular sport in the College with a number of students actively taking part in the sport. It is indeed with a sense of pride that one could say that there has been a tremendous improvement in Football as both the Under 15 and 17 teams have been able to go forward beyond the Zonal and Provincial Levels.

Apart from these tournaments an Annual Encounter was also organized between our school and S. Thomas’ Prep School, Colpetty which was played at the City League Grounds, Colombo. The Under 15 and 17 matches were played at a very competitive level and although the Under 17 match ended in a Draw, the Under 15 team emerged victorious after a thrilling encounter.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. T.D. Darling

Rugby Football is one of the popular sport in the school while many students attend regular practices in the evening.

During the year in review we took part in the All Island Meet and though we couldn’t win any trophies, our participation was a valuable experience for the students. Apart from this tournament we also took part at University Invitation Tournament and the annual encounters with S. Thomas’ College, Gurutalawa.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. T.D. Darling

Regular practices are held especially during the Annual Inter House Sports Meet with matches being organized. Although a lot of interest was shown by the students during this period.

Thewin Amarasinghe of S. Thomas' College, Bandarawela will represent Sri Lanka Cricket Under 15 Cricket Tour to Malaysia 2017.Thewin Amarasinghe of S. Thomas' College, Bandarawela will represent Sri Lanka Cricket Under 15 Cricket Tour to Malaysia 2017.CRICKET

Teacher-in-charge: Mr. S. Surendrakumar (Under 13)
Teacher-in-charge: Mr. W.M.I.A. Chandrasekera (Under 15)

The under 13 Cricket “A” and “B” teams took part in all the matches but were not able to qualify for the second round.

The Under 15 Cricket team took part in the All Island Inter School Cricket Tournament and played four matches in the First Round and recorded an outright victory, two matches ended up in the first innings victoriously and the other in a Draw. The team played three matches in the second round and recorded two first innings victories. One match ended up with no results and the other in a loss.

Ravindu D.G. Rathnayake, Bathiya Gunathilaka, Thevin Amarasinghe, Savith Basnayake and Pathum Abeyratne were selected to the Uva Provincial Team.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. A. Mahendirrakumar

Many students take interest in Karate. In September the Sri Lanka Karate Federation conducted a tournament in the Uva Province and R. Hareesh Naveen won a Gold Medal in the age group 16 – 17 years. M. Dilukshan won a Bronze Medal under the age group 13. K.B.M. Jimnaz won a Silver Medal at the 6th International Karate Open Championship held in Malaysia.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Irantha Porage

Wushu was introduced as a new sport to the College. This is a martial art and a sport derived from traditional Chinese martial arts. Wushu has developed into various forms of practice of its own focus and goals. The practice of Wushu does not only develop a strong body but also a strong mind with high moral values as its practice focuses on martial ethics.

After completing training students will be presented for events with other schools and Provincial and National Levels tournaments. Our main goal is to make a healthy, active and disciplined sportsman.


Teacher-in-charge: Mr. Shanon Dason

Although not one of the major sports in the College, swimming has continued to be one of the oldest sports in the history of the College. At present there are between 25-30 students who are actively involved in swimming and despite the lack of swimming facilities at the College we have managed to bring credit to the College in competitions and tournaments whenever possible, especially in the Uva Region.

The College is indeed grateful to the services provided by the instructors attached to the Diyatalawa Army Academy for coaching our students and pushing them forward to actively pursuit the sport.