2023 Events: S. Thomas' College, Bandarawela

Sinhala and Tamil New Year Festival 2023

As a fitting end to the first term, the school avurudu uthsavaya, or the Sinhala and Tamil New Year festival, was held on Tuesday 4th April, 2023.

The event featured various traditional games and food stalls. The students were colourfully attired and participated enthusiastically in the activities, such as kaba adima (tug-of-war) kotta pora (pillow fighting), raban pada (drum beating) and kana mutti bindeema (blindfolded pot breaking). The highlight of the festival was the avurudu kumaraya contest, where the most handsome students were selected as the new year prince.

The school avurudu uthsavaya was a great success and a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Photo Credits - Himansha Weerasinghe, Pavithra Karunarathne, Asala Gajanayake, Nadija Ranawake

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